Unexpected Harvest

20 Jul

It’s obvious I am not a garden person. I hardly visit our garden and you won’t see me outside especially when the weather has been so darn hot. Sheepishly I can’t tell you what we have except all those air plants, potted plants, the frangipani tree, the hedges, more potted plants, several red palm trees and even more potted plants, and of course the habanero chilli.

Two days ago, a couple of habanero chillies fell from the plant. Worried that the rest may follow suit, hubby decided to harvest the remaining six. Now this plant, it’s the original plant that yielded all those lovely mini Christmas-ornament looking habanero chillies I mentioned last month. Because I hardly visit the garden, I got it wrong when I wrote that the new plant has sprouted new chillies when in fact, it’s still the old plant! The ones that failed to grow were additional attempts by hubby. My bad.

We decided to give the unexpected harvest to friends who missed out trying them from the previous batch. Hopefully, they can take the level of the heat. But we suspect these green ones may not be as super hot as the red riped ones. Regardless, I am pretty sure we will hear from our friends once they have savored these hot habanero chillies.



No Clearance to Migrate

19 Jul

I don’t normally do mass migration for the Citizens of Gigglesville. Every now and then, only one or two would leave with the max being five. The last big migration was back in January when M1 brought nine Citizens and one Friend (Spiny Lumpsucker) of Gigglesville with her back to the US. Thankfully, all passports issued had no problems.

This latest mass migration, a huge one with 36 Citizens, had been very challenging. First, to meet the deadline, all Citizens were carved almost daily. Then they were prepped just about every other night. However, I encountered a major hiccup at the last hurdle.

Sixteen Citizens have no clearance to migrate just yet because the passports issued for them had control issues. The numbers did not tally in other words. The immigration officer must have be sleeping on the job to cause such a boo-boo. The affected Citizens are the orange, red and purple species.

Luckily the next day the problem was resolved and they are ready to join the 20 to migrate. Thank goodness.


Going Dairy-Free

17 Jul

It is most unfortunate that I have to give up ice cream because dairy is bad for me. I have given up my cheeses (sadly my favorite) and milk but I still do chocolate because temptation is too strong. Occasionally a little morsel of indulgence to appease but not overly to create discomfort.

Hubby and M2 are very aware of my diet change and was thoughtful to buy a dairy-free sorbet for me when they went grocery shopping recently. So nice of them!


Bedrock Bottom

16 Jul

I have said many times golf is a funny game. I thought I had hit rock bottom several weeks ago with my inability to play despite all these years at it. Then I managed to bounce back soon after and I thought from there on, it can’t get any worse and I should be on the upwards trend but guess what? I was wrong!

There is an even lower level than rock bottom and it’s called bedrock bottom…

Over the weekend, I participated in my club’s Annual Championship, a two-day tournament. And there’s just no words to describe the performance especially on Day One. Put it this way, it was as though I just picked up the game a month ago and bravely played in a crucial tournament that really tested one’s ability and mental capabilities.

Although there was only one OB’ed shot, one obvious shank that resulted in a lost ball, six dunked balls into the ponds, several duffs and mis-hits, these costly mistakes were enough to do me in.

The weather was perfect, the shoes were comfortable, the tennis elbow wasn’t even acting up so there’s really no reason to do all those that I did. Sigh… I am at a loss for words on this.

Thankfully on Day Two, I played better and restored some confidence. Maybe I am not quite ready yet to play competitive golf? After this experience, I hope there won’t be another undiscovered level beyond bedrock bottom to my golfing ability, that’s all I can say!

Green Fingers Red Chillies, Part 3

13 Jul

The new habanero chilli plant has finally sprouted after several failed attempts by hubby. He will of course be monitoring its growth until they are ready to be harvested.

For now, they are still green like mini capsicums. I look forward to the moment when they all turn red and look like cute little Christmas ornaments. It will be a lovely picture to capture! Stay tuned…



A New Green, Part 2

12 Jul

I had to try the new Martha Stewart’s Granny Smith green. But there were no new Citizens carved up, so Apeach gave me a hand on this with the platform that it is standing on. A perfect setting to see the glory of the green.

Isn’t it just a lovely and refreshing color? Apeach certainly looks happy.


Ready for Migration

10 Jul

The three dozen Citizens of Gigglesville are completed and ready for migration. All they need now is just their passports which I am working on in between preparing for my design presentation. One has to multi-task when the situation calls for it.

I am so proud of this time-based effort. Mission will be accomplished once I meet up with my friend to hand over the Citizens who will go out there to spread their love and giggles.


A New Green

9 Jul

Last week, I bought a new green color to add to my acrylic color palette for the Citizens of Gigglesville. I must say I have several shades of green, accumulated throughout the years and more added in recent months.

However, lately I felt the choices that I have are a wee bit too dull and predictable. And some of colors are even too old to be used. The Liquitex brand is most obvious having lost its strength (for lack of a better word) because it does not stick well or smoothly upon application. Then again, even the new Neon Green from Apple Barrel does not do too well on wood and I am not sure why. In essence then, only four shades are used on a rotational basis.

I like the new Martha Stewart Crafts’ Granny Smith green choice for a brighter and more refreshing look to add some zest to the Citizens of Giggglesville. Looking forward to using it soon!


Seeing green!

The 2.1 Tracker

6 Jul

Recently in mid-April, I replaced my activity wearable the Xiaomi Mi Band2. All was fine and dandy but soon, there were problems. Within two weeks, the battery drained at a pace that was not normal.

Initially I didn’t think too much of it and attributed the quick drain to the setting whereby everything was turned on. So I disabled this and that but to no avail. It came to a point of being useless to wear a tracker that was unable to track anything.

Within half a day, the band would be drained to 40% from a full charge. Oh dear… I sat on the problem for a while but in the end I decided to do something about it.

I contacted the vendor and she suggested that I should go to a Xiaomi Customer Service Centre as she cannot help me, being just a reseller. So over one weekend, I went to the new Xiaomi retail shop that just opened, hoping that the service crew there can help me.

But no, they were not too helpful nor too pleasant. Hrmph. Maybe they were too busy attending to potential new buyers? After all, the shop just opened. Whatever it was, I was not impressed with their service attitude. But I did get confirmation of their Customer Service Centre located not too far away.

The next day, I followed up on this. Unlike the retail shop, the Customer Service Centre was helpful. They said the battery drain issue was not an unusual case and as the device was still under warranty, they will just replace the unit one-for-one instead of fixing the battery. Wow, I didn’t expect that.

With just an hour’s wait after the paperwork submission and device handover, I had a brand new replacement for the Mi Band2 wearable; call it the 2.1 tracker if you may because it replaced the second unit. And it has been working fine since. The first charge lasted three days shy of a six weeks duration.

As long as the one year warranty is still valid with a show proof of the purchase receipt, the Xiaomi Mi Band2 can be replaced if there’s any manufacturer’s problems with it. Just remember to unpair (luckily I remembered to) so that the new one can be paired with the smart phone. Here’s towards happy tracking of my activities!

What Can I Eat? Part 3

5 Jul

I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would be in a coffee- and alcohol-free situation. I used to live on Coke and Oreos for the caffeine and sugar kick in college and later, thrived on coffee in my professional working life. Then there’s alcohol, a totally different story but not now.

It’s been three months since my laparoscopic surgery and five months since the colonoscopy. Life has resumed with normal activities and recently, I have even gone back to an occasional alcoholic drink or two but not as much as before. Moderation is the key.

Somehow for coffee, I just can’t get back to drinking it on a regular basis. I am not complaining though, I am happy with my decaf Earl Grey.

Health wise, I have maintained my weight which is good but I find I have lost some core strength. Lack of gym sessions to build this back? This is especially very obvious when I play golf because all my distances are off by 10 meters! To compensate this, I have to use a club stronger. Oh well, as long as I can still play golf, I should be thankful.

Initially, within a month from the laparoscopy, I felt fine and pain free. But now, three months later, my pain problems have returned.

One is never cured from Endometriosis unfortunately. I suspect it could be a new round of build up because I have been careful with what I eat. I guess I need to be even more careful all over again if I don’t want to suffer.

The immediate thing to do is to manage the diet by eliminating food that will imbalance the oestrogen. And when the chemical reactions are reduced with a controlled diet, it curtails the Endometriosis the chance to grow and reduces the many symptoms linked to it.

Also I checked again on the list of food to avoid and found out I got my info incorrect on soy products the last time. It’s unfermented soy based foods (like soy milk and soy cheese) that are not good for me, so actually tofu, miso and soy sauce are okay. Thank goodness.

Don’t be surprised if I lose another kilo or two the next few months because it looks like I  shouldn’t be on an in-moderation diet but a restrictive one all over again to manage the pain levels. Sigh…