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A milestone!…

1 Aug

A milestone!

Two thousand views so far! Thank you… thank you… keep on viewing.

Of Birds and Boobs

1 Aug

The girls always enjoyed the theory of how M2 came about. Whenever nostalgia hits, I would tell them that I always thought M2 was going to be a boy, simply because I was having pregnancy symptoms that differed from when I was carrying M1. It was typical to plan for a boy and a girl to complete the ideal Asian family unit.

But throughout the whole 9 months, I was coughing non-stop, it was so taxing on my body. I would shake and vibrate from top to toe when the coughing fits occur. When the day finally came for M2 to arrive, I’d like to believe the force and frequency of the coughing resulted in the little pecker dropping off and we have M2 as what she is instead.

Questions must be going through your minds whether we had scanned and determined the sex of the baby. Probably not…

It’s a bundle of joy nonetheless as I figured teaching two girls subsequently about the facts of life will be so much easier; after all, same sex, one lesson! Piece of cake.

Memory does not serve me well what I taught M1 when she hit puberty; I think I groveled through. As you know, M2 is 12 this year and just hitting puberty. With physical changes coming along, the birds and the bees lesson has to be revisited.

One night, M2 asked, “Mummy, if you have big boobies, they are called boobs, right?”

I nodded and mumbled, “Yep…”

“So I have small ones, do you call them the same?” my innocent child wanted to know.

M1, at the side, said, “No. Like ducks, small duckies are called ducklings, so your small boobies are booblings!”

!!!!!!…. Did I say that????