Carrots are Good, Part 2

20 Aug

The carrots are being dangled again this year! I figured if it worked last year for the girls with the reward being ‘The Great Adventure Road Trip to USA’, this year we will do a regional destination for its city and the islands. I love this Asean country for its food, golf courses and shopping. Both M1 and M2 have never been there but I think they are old enough now to appreciate the culture and the food, besides the shopping and sights. Also this time, I dispensed with secrecy and let it be known where and when. So the girls know what is at stake and what they have to do in order to enjoy the reward, pocket money for spending included!

The current August school holidays has ended with two weeks of staying put and not much excitement on the homefront. M2 has exactly three weeks to her big UPSR exam while M1 has the year end to show her results. She promised she will not be watching anymore ‘Friends’ until the year-end exams are over; I hope she keeps to her word.

Having made all these exciting travel plans with the children, suddenly a curve ball was thrown when we were summoned to Singapore for a year-end wedding.

Both M1 and M2 are really enthusiastic about Singapore as well but hubby is a little bit concerned. Three destinations. Uh-oh… so much traveling, so little time!


3 Responses to “Carrots are Good, Part 2”


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