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What Time Are You Coming Home?

22 Aug

Last week, it was not a typical Friday. We were so busy going in and out of the office, running errands and all. I hardly had time for my Candy Crush, let alone my Zookeeper Battle. Thank goodness work in the office was manageable. M1 had a birthday party so she was out with her friends the whole day. M2 was left home alone to do more revision on this last day of the holiday before the weekend kicked in and then back to school.

I called home several times to check on her progress and both times, she told me she was resting as her tummy did not feel well. Hmm. Excuses?

It was 8.30pm when we were on our way to fetch M1 from her friend’s place when I spoke to M2 again. “What time are you coming home?” she lamented.

“Soon. We’re on our way to fetch M1 and should be back by nine. Are you ok?” I pitied her loneliness.

“No. Mosquitoes are attacking me!” M2 complained.

“Why don’t you go upstairs to your room then?” I suggested.

“Nah. I’ll wait for you downstairs but hurry home please! I need people here so that the mosquitoes has somebody else to attack!”

Pppfffftttt…. So much for loneliness and missing us!