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Michael Bublé Again?!

27 Aug


“Michael Bublé again?! Arghh…… Noooo…..”

That’s what I get when I decide to drive. I love my car and my music, with the current choice being Michael Bublé. I don’t listen to the radio as I find it annoying with far too many advertisement jingles. And I certainly can’t tweak up Eminem when my girls are in my car!

Whenever we are getting ready to go out, both girls will ask, “Mummy’s car or Daddy’s car?” If given the choice, they’d rather go with the hubby’s mode of transport. And regardless of which car, they will bring their iPods and headphones along. Annoys me especially when I have to talk to them and they can’t hear.

Why can’t children nowadays appreciate our choice of music? Once I put on some oldies (from my iPod Shuffle) in the car and M2 voiced out, “Mummy! What music is this?”

“The 90s music. My kind of music,” I said and she went, “Oh. Sorry I wasn’t even born yet!” Ouch.

So headphones are allowed in my car for them to tune out when I listen to my kind of music – Michael Bublé, Jacky Cheung, Sam Cooke or otherwise.