I Feel Cheated!

6 Sep

Last night, I was going through my usual routine playing Candy Crush and then Zookeeper Battle, I decided to use the laptop to continue crushing candies for I had ran out of lives on the iPad.

Ever since arriving at Level 410, I have yet use the laptop to play the game. To my horror, I discovered that this level has a different and much easier layout in the app on Facebook compared to the app on the iPad! How could this be? I feel cheated!! Of my time, effort and energy, what more, lives wasted in my attempt to overcome this level.

The grid of the iPad app has four less squares on it, thus making it harder to conquer compared to the app on Facebook on the laptop.


iPad Mini: see the two left and right gaping spaces above the bombs?


MacBook Air: now see the same spots, not gaping but with candies over jellies!

With just that two extra squares on each side at the bottom, the playing field becomes totally different in strategies and moves to diffuse the bombs and eliminate the jellies. I have played the game long enough to know the level of difficulty and challenges thrown at us. So my level of authority on this is credible.

And for as long as I have been addicted to the game, this is the first time I am encountering a discrepancy in the grid on two different devices when it shouldn’t be. Hello… King.com Limited, you hear me? Fix it on the iPad so that my feeling cheated will not mar the love affair that I have with Candy Crush.


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