How You Spell Your Name Again? Part 2

12 Sep

The hubby just shared a fall-off-your-chair scenario he encountered with regards to names. Brings to mind what I wrote a while back on the same topic, how does one spell your name.

Yesterday morning he went by the car service center to inquire about a part to replace for car number three. The order was put in since June and until now, we have yet to receive confirmation for its arrival. Patiently waiting for his turn while the receptionist was on the phone, he overheard the conversation.

The other side: (Complains… Complains… he imagines).

Receptionist: “No, you must bring your car in for service regularly.”

The other side: (More complains…. he imagines).

Receptionist: “I understand but you must bring it in for service.”

The other side: (Disguntled now… he sense frustration).

Receptionist: “Seven.”

The other side: Stumped silence.
Hubby was stupefied.

Receptionist repeated: “Seven.”

The other side and him: Further silence and then muffled chortles.

Huh? Is that a name?

The other side: (How you spell your name again?) and this must be going through his mind too!

Receptionist: “S-E-V-E-N. Seven.”

It was the tone and direction of the conversation that had the other side asking the receptionist what her name is and she obliged.

Dang! Is that a name? Harper Seven Beckham she ain’t, that’s for sure!


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