Never Go Shopping with Your Sports Car Wannabee

23 Sep

This is totally not related to my usual M1 M2 stories but I just had to share. It was a typical weekend shopping and eating out several months ago. We went to IKEA and as we were heading out from the parking lot, we saw this dude with his low suspension impressive 19 inch rim sports car wannabee exiting as well.

He was carefully trying to maneuver his wannabee over the hump as he exited the carpark. Going at an angle slowly, then reversing, then trying again. Obviously with a full load of passengers, he was unsuccessful.

We watched with fascinated amazement and disbelief as he then ordered all passengers down—grandma, wife and kids included—to just step out from the vehicle so that he could cross the hump! They all obliged and then climbed backed in once the vehicle crossed the hump.

I must say the three cars we have, one of them is a low profile mini sports car. But as much as we love it, I do not subject my mother to sit in it for its low profile attribute just does not bode well with the elderly. And the sentiments are reciprocal, she doesn’t even want to get in. You can then be assured I will never go shopping with my mom in my sports car and subject her to get down in an attempt to cross a speed hump.

I think to avoid such a scene, never go shopping with the family in your low suspension sports car wannabee if you can help it. It’s just way too embarrassing, even to watch.


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