Barbie is Ugh!

1 Oct

It used to be (and probably still is) every girls’ dream to have a Barbie doll. But not in my household. I remember when the girls were younger we had to deal with this every festivity time. Whenever Christmas and their birthdays came around, they would cringe when the wrappers are ripped to discover yet another Barbie. Ugh!

But as the Barbie dolls were given with a good intention, we could not say no to the gifts. So the girls ended up having five Barbies at one point in their early years. Ugh!

Somehow Barbie just does not rake it up there with other characters or plush toys. She is not lovable, not huggable, too rigid and pointy, and according to M2, creepy as well! Recently I asked her what her thoughts are of Barbie.

Thinking for a minute M2 then said, “Barbie? Euww…. her butt is so big like… like Kim Kardashian’s!” Of course back then, Kimmy was not a household name. But still, the mention of the resemblance had me laughing uncontrollably. Despite our feelings towards Barbie, poor her to be in the same league as Kimmy! Ugh!

Subsequently, I also asked M1 for her sentiments of Barbie. “Euw!” was the first thing she said, the exact expression as M2’s! She then thought about it for awhile before concluding that while she enjoyed Barbie’s clothes (and not Barbie), she too, thought Barbie was freaky especially from the anatomical point of view. How can her measurements be deemed perfect? Ugh!

My apologies to all the little girls who fancy Barbie, for us, Barbie is just ugh!


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