The Day Continues

13 Oct

Four bottles of Bali Hai later, both of us are feeling very light! Hubby joked about having lost weight because he was feeling very light. Hah! I wish. I dread to step on the scale when we get home.

We left Ubud, going a short distance to Bebek Tepi Sawah for lunch. Actually I don’t mind another round of beer!

No Bali Hai, I opted for San Miguel. What the heck, might as well try the different brands available!

The setup’s very relaxing with individual gazebos in the midst of a small padi field. With a strong breeze, I am almost lulled to sleep. We wait for our various orders of duck to come before we tuck in. From grilled, crispy and betutu, it’s indeed a duck-themed lunch.

General condenses agreed that the grilled version was better than the crispy. By now, for me, a nap is best, what with 4 glasses of beer already.

I should mention all opted not to go to the Monkey Forest, the Zoo or the Bird Park as it was quite unnecessary. I think if we were to bring M1 and M2, the girls would also make the same decision.

Anyway, the lunch lingered until 3pm and maybe about of shopping is just what we need to commensurate the trip.

Throughout the journey towards a shopping destination, silence prevailed in the car save for the low volume music. Pretty typical after a satisfying meal I supposed that all were knocked out.

Shopping was not appealing; maybe because it was all about surfing whereas I am a golfer, I saw nothing interesting to buy. Oh well.

Might as well make our way to Uluwatu to catch the Kecak Dance and sunset. Hopefully no more trailing a chicken egg truck or a garbage truck!



From our gazebo, we are literally ‘tepi sawah’ (by the rice field).


The grilled duck.


The betutu duck.


The crispy duck.


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