Life is Candylicious

29 Oct

Coming home from work yesterday, the first thing I did when I walked into the house was to flip open the MacBook Air to get my dose of Candy Crush. I told hubby, “Let me have five rounds before we go out again, ok?” and quickly went on with my crushing business.

Two rounds into the game, hubby called me on the mobile! “Hurry up.” I could hear impatience in his tone. I guess he was too annoyed to come upstairs to hurry me. I was in the midst of some exciting moments, overcoming two levels to arrive at 455. What’s even more exciting was that right after I wrote about my predicament, waiting for the release of the update on the iPad, I was on the verge to complete the Butterscotch Boulders chapter.

But the imminent going out was more important. So I had to leave the game to join hubby at the driving range to hit some dimpled balls.

The next morning, routine kicks in first with the iPad to check email, a round of Zookeeper Battle and then on to the laptop for another round of crushing candies. I couldn’t believe my luck! Level 455 has been conquered!!! And with a trophy and title to my efforts! Life indeed is candylicious.


Just call me Cherry Sheriff!


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