Here I Go Again

5 Nov

The phone call came close to two months ago. I was in the midst of a discussion with my team of designers when the invite was thrown at me if I’d like to join for an upcoming golfing trip. Ooh… It was so tempting. The discussion had to be halted and a quick decision had to be made.

Right after the quick decision and some back and forth, the number 54 was somehow stuck in my head when I outlined the itinerary on TripIt to share with the whole group. This was the number of days until the trip.

Fast forward to today. Where did 54 days go?

So here I am sitting in the Premier Lounge with partial of the group (there’s 11 of us) laughing and carefree, enjoying the benefits of the lounge at KLIA before boarding. The group is not new in friendship as mentioned before but new for me in traveling together with them. My previous overseas golf excursions has always included hubby and just another couple. This time, the numbers are bigger.

There’s 3 couples and 5 ladies, myself included. At the eleventh hour, the 12th person pulled out due of work commitment that was unavoidable. It was too late to get a replacement and our golf tour coordinator,, was very efficient and professional to readjust things for us.

So Thailand, here we come!


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