The First Day

6 Nov

First impression upon arrival at Kirimaya Resort and Spa was one of finding inner peace. The two and a half hour or so journey northeast bound was worth it although thoughts of ‘Are we there yet?’ kept popping up in my mind.

It is set in a very peaceful atmosphere, laid back and giving you a sense of having all the time in the world to lull away.

The room is thoughtful and practical. The bed, heavenly but I brought my travel pillow along (this is another story altogether).

After a warm welcome, lots of picture taking, everyone had half an hour to freshen up before we headed out for dinner.

Dinner was somewhat of a letdown. After much debate over choices, the boisterous, tired and hungry lot of us waited for the food to come.

The first dish came.

“Huh?” is that for one person, everyone lamented.

The vegetable choice was indeed a very small portion. To make light of the situation, we rationed each to have a leaf and a stem. Yes, that’s how little it was.

Soon the rest of the dishes came. I guess by then we were all hungry and ate along when the food came out. There was an oyster omelette, a tom yam soup, chicken, a glass noodle seafood salad and the last killer papaya salad that fired up everyone’s palate.

After dinner, we stopped at 7-11 to buy Singha beer and cup noodles!

The drinking and bonding session continued in one of the rooms. By 9.30pm (local time), everyone declared tiredness has kicked in and called it a night.

It’s been eventful.







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