Oops! I Did It Again

15 Nov

Back from my back-to-back travels, it’s so nice to be home. Done with the customary hugs and kisses, I got back to my candy crushing ways. And what a welcome! I managed to finish the Sugary Shire chapter, completing Level 470 and awaiting tickets as I pen this. I guess I have not lost my candy crushing skills despite being away from the game for nearly two weeks.

King.com has just been so slow. Their last update on the iPad to the Butterscotch Boulders chapter (Level 455) was pointless for me because I had progressed along on the laptop to the subsequent chapter, Sugary Shire. And if they do update for the iPad, it will still be pointless for me again as I have finished this chapter.

So yea… I did it again, beating the game developer on the iPad. At this point in time, the game on Facebook ends at Level 500. It may or may not have more chapters, we shall see. But I think once I reach that level, I will officially retire from the game, whether the updates on the iPad come along or not. Will life be the same again? Hmm…


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