Should I Laugh or Cry?

18 Nov

Hubby came home with the bags san some items. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. On one hand, I am glad my orange ONOFF bag has been rescued but on the other hand, I am peeved that my Footjoy shoes are gone. I am pretty sure his sentiments are just about the same.

What’s left in hubby’s bag are just his (dirty) underwear, toothbrush, one sock and a golf rule book. The shoes, pants, shirt, belt and toiletries bag were missing. I faired a bit better, with my sweaty undergarments, pants, another clean (gym) pants, a towel, some toiletries, papers and a wedding invitation. Gone were my shirt, socks, shoes and toiletries bag.

I have mixed feelings about this. Obviously the perpetrator is male, taking mostly hubby’s things. We decided to give the two bags a good wash, throw away whatever small items that’s left behind and I will probably Clorox my clothes to sanitize them (or maybe just throw them away too).

I don’t know. Should I laugh or cry…

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