What Kind of Update is That?!

12 Dec

I came home from work yesterday and after dinner, got ready for my daily evening routine: crushing some candies on the laptop. I have been stuck at 492 for awhile and my closest rival finally caught up to me.

But as I launched the game (in Facebook) on the laptop, there was this new icon on the left (on the iPad, it’s on the right). What’s this, I wondered…


Odus sits where the Prize Wheel used to be in the game on Facebook


Candy Crush Dreamworld


The iPad version. Prize Wheel is still there and Odus is at the other end

It’s ‘Dreamworld’, a new subset of the main game. Huh?

Is this an update? You call this an update?

Eeesh. I thought retirement from the game is imminent as I am at the end of the saga with 5 more levels to go (made it to 495) to reach level 500 and now this.

So I tried it out…

I must say it’s easier than the main game but there is this owl, Odus, that you have to watch its balance on the moon. Interesting. I guess my candy crushing days are not yet numbered.


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