Hands to Knees, Legs to Elbows

13 Dec

I am a stickler for cleanliness. Whenever the children are out in the garden playing with official pet number one, Rooney, the limbs would all get dirty from the action.

I would remind them with my standard, “Please wash your hands to elbows, legs to knees!” What this means is short of a whole body shower, they have to wash their arms until the elbows and scrub the legs until the knees. Just cleaning the hands and feet only are not acceptable.

The reminder has been ingrained so much so, sometimes the body parts are jumbled up, like a tongue twister. “Please wash your hands to knees, legs to elbows,” or “Please wash you hands to legs, elbows to knees,” which, unimaginable as they seem, it’s never challenged as both girls know what I mean.


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