We Want Toys Too!

19 Dec

Not too long ago, I bought another new orange toy for the Roo: an orange colored chew cow but kept it as a spare for appropriate moments. Normally, toy purchases are not given to him immediately, the release timing has to be just right.


So several days passed by before the appropriate moment presented itself. Time to bring it out for him to play with then! When M1 saw, she lamented, “How come we don’t get toys anymore?”

“Yea, Mummy, we want toys too!” echoed M2.

“Well, you two have been asking for books all these while, that’s why no toys,” I pointed out.

“We want toys!” both said in unison.

“Something that we can play with and not put on the pedestal,” M1 emphasized.

“Hmm. I get toys for you for Christmas then,” I offered.

They may have grown up but still a child in some ways. Toys it will be for them this Christmas then.

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