Should I Do It?

26 Dec

As we countdown to the end of 2013, I am contemplating to just update my iPad Mini to OS7. I must admit I have gotten used to my iPhone4 by now with the new interface because it’s all conditioning with daily usage. But I still don’t like those ugly green and blue message bubbles.

My immediate concern is if I leave my iPad as is for too long, my eventual free update may not kick in. Is this a silly thought? Not very tech-savvy, huh? The other concern is more of an irritation than anything else. I simply don’t like those little red dot numbers sitting at the top right of an app. Yes, my Setting icon has the red dot with a number one in it.

The last concern is most of my apps are upgrading to the OS7 look and feel and if my iPad is still in OS6 mode, well… would things still work? Again, not very tech-savvy, huh? As it is, Papa Pear Saga is not working at all on the iPad.

So to squash all this unnecessary concerns, I should just do it, update my iPad Mini once and for all before the year ends!

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