A Promising Start

2 Jan

This new year brings many new changes. Firstly, I am proud to announce on the last day of 2013 (December 31st), I completed Level 515 of Candy Crush, the finale of the last possible level in the saga… until an update that is. It’s an achievement of sorts having been addicted to the game the whole of 2013 and starting the new year with a status change. I can now say I am a fully retired professional candy crusher.


Got to wait for the next update!

But this status will change, of course, once King.com decides to release the update on both Facebook and on the iPad. You know me, die-hard candy crusher to the core.

Change number two: yesterday, I decided to update my iPad Mini to OS7! There’s no turning back at the point so gotta get use to it, ugly as it may be with the icons having gone 2D and flat. I figured if I had managed with my iPhone4 all this while, I should be able to handle my iPad Mini.

Change number three: the girls go back to school today. M1 is now in her final year in high school and M2 has gone on to Secondary school, the equivalent being junior high school. How time flies. It seemed like just yesterday when they were kindie-going and now I have two teenage girls.

I am sure there will be more changes to come and new situations to get used to but for now, these new changes indicate a promising start to the new year.


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