Kids Nowadays

14 Jan

The Saturday routine has evolved again. M1 signed up for extra classes for Physics and Chemistry and last Saturday, classes began. So we had to ferry her to the tuition centre at an odd time, 5.00pm to 6.30pm. During the one and a half hour duration, instead of just waiting at a nearby coffee shop (going home was too much of a hassle), we decided to do our grocery at Tesco, a short drive away.

At Tesco, when a little chatty girl whined and quickly walked passed us after her ruffled father, M2 commented, “Kids nowadays! They are so bratty!”

“Excuse me? And what are you, may I ask? Are you not a kid?” I looked at her and she merely grinned.

The irony of it, the chastising of another child by my child, who’s still a kid and will only turn 13 come June but thinks like she’s 23 already.


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