Flavor of the Month

17 Jan

Of late, M2 has adopted a new approach to request for things. The persistency is what I call ‘Flavor of the Month’ whereby the star ice cream flavor is heavily promoted. In this context, the star item is constantly requested.

Whenever we go out, her persistent badgering never stops. So far, the ‘flavors’ that I can remember ranges from a hoodie jacket, Christmas lights, a beanie and a mini skateboard. The latest being a pair of sunglasses.

“Oh! Can I have sunnies?” she’d ask innocently and M1 would roll her eyes upon hearing this.

“Is this the flavor of the month?” I would ask.

She would beam at me and flash a grin, “Yup!”

I would then beam back at her and flash a grin, “Nope!”

Sometimes the cheekiness in her gets the better of her and she would point out, “Mommy, it’s flavor of the week! Last week, it was something else!”

How nice of her to remind me. Nonetheless, it’s a constant battle. I hope the request novelty wears off soon before I actually cave in.

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