My Fat Little Pig

24 Jan

It’s been raining a lot these days and as such, Rooney, official pet number one, has not been exercising much. Either that or he’s been snacking too much. Looking rather pudgy than a studly dog, hubby is appalled how fat he has become. This reminded me of when we first brought him home and he was mistaken for a little pig!

He was a beautiful little yellow ochre, curly stubby-tailed puppy at seven weeks old when we adopted him from the pet shop. Coming from a champion line, we were so proud of our latest addition to the family then. One day, we brought him out for a walk and the part-time maid across from our house, from the balcony above, saw him.

“What’s that? Is that a pig or a dog?” the curious maid hollered loudly, obviously having never seen an English bulldog breed before.

He may be yellow ochre in color with a curly stubby tail but the pooch ain’t no pig although he may have or could have looked like one from afar with his color and short legs. Or it could be his trot or the floppy ears that had him resembling a little pig. I was too amused to be insulted.

Well, six years has gone by and my fat little pig then has grown up to be a fat big pig now!



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