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I’ve Lost My Candy Mojo

4 Feb

So it’s been a month plus that I stopped playing Candy Crush. Out of curiosity, I peeked into the game in Facebook on the laptop to see if there’s any updates, only to discover an exclamation mark on Odus. This was last week and only on the game in Facebook (the app on the iPad just got updated yesterday).

What’s this? So into Dreamworld I ventured. Indeed there was an update but only in Odus’ world. And of course, I started crushing some candies.

To my horror, I discovered I’ve lost my candy mojo! Gone were my skills to strategize and conquer, let alone play! Aiyoh… This is not good. Maybe I should come out of retirement to focus on Dreamworld to sharpen my skills in preparation for the main saga’s long awaited eventual update.