Cute Fails

10 Feb

Farm Heroes Saga is cute. The big dopey eyes of the fruits and vegetables just pulls at my inner soft spot, that’s why I started playing the game. The appeal attracted me and I thought this could be the beginning of a new addiction.

But alas, cuteness can sometimes fail because frustration can set in and for the longest time, aggravation as well. Like Level 80 for instance, there was simply no way to pass it and I refused to use my gold bars to short cut my way through.

I must say Candy Crush is a tough act to follow; has not used the same formula of ‘give and take’ for Farm Heroes to retain my interest, like it did for Candy Crush. I contemplated giving up Farm Heroes no matter how cute the cropsies are. They become mean and not cute when they don’t allow you to pass.

But right after I entertained the thought of giving up, they had an update on the iPad and the ‘give and take’ formula kicked in; I passed Level 80 only to be stuck at Level 85! Cute fails again…


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