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Doing the Unthinkable

11 Feb

Somehow I managed to pass Level 85 in Farm Heroes Saga and I never thought I’d resort to this but I did the unthinkable! Made M1, the hubby and official pet number one, the Roo (yes, even he has an FB account) ‘play’ the game so that they can send me tickets to go on to the next level. Nasty, ain’t it? But this is purely for strategy reasons; there are less Facebook friends playing this game and it is harder to get help when required. So instead of wishing and hoping or even bothering innocent lives, why not simply just rely on family?

At least I am slightly better than those Candy Crush addicts who would text or call friends to send them lives! For the record, when I was crushing candies, I never resorted to this act of desperation nor did I spend a single cent to move forth in the saga.

Speaking of Saga, when I was using the laptop to do the nasties, I discovered that Candy Crush finally updated. Another 15 levels await me but do I want to do another unthinkable? Coming out of retirement that is… we shall see.