Cute Can Be Mean

14 Feb

I have been playing Farm Heroes lately. The sweet candies and Odus from Dreamworld in Candy Crush has lost to the cute cropsies. Despite my peeking into Candy Crush on the laptop, I find myself lacking the spirit and zest to go on in the game. Best to maintain my retired status, an achievement of sorts.

Now with Farm Heroes, my main play time on it is on my iPad Mini. The last few exasperations were overcomed and I have zoomed on until Level 111. The cropsies have been acting mean again, not cute at all. I have tried my best at this level in order to gain enough power to defeat Rancid Raccoon but just can’t until I played the game in the office! Shhh….

It was a busy day at the office and towards the evening when all was done, I felt I needed a break and went into Farm Heroes. Now my office Mac desktop is weird. On one hand it does not support Candy Crush, citing my Adobe Flash Player is not updated but it can support Farm Heroes, which works out fine now, considering where my focus is at now.

One game only at Level 111 and I am through! Woohoo… I guess Odus will dream on hoping for me to join him in Dreamworld.

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