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Crushed by the Candies

20 Feb

Irked by my recent Candy Crush discovery of still being stuck at Level 500 on my iPad Mini despite progressing on to Level 518 in Facebook on the laptop, I decided to beat the crap out of the candies to move on. Because this sudden nagging feeling is making me queasy and will never cease; furthermore the achievement last year will be meaningless if nothing was done about it.

So with this sudden need to go pass Level 500, I have become an obsessed monster and also an irritated one by the situation. The level is insanely difficult; I even googled up comments on it to assess what I am facing. Indeed dubbed the hardest level of all, I have been crushed by the candies in my quest.

If you are wondering am I coming out of retirement? Well, it is only to conquer this level, so my retired status remains as is.