Hate is a Very Strong Word

4 Mar

When the girls were young, I always taught them the proper usage and choice of words when voicing out their feelings. ‘Hate’ used to be a word in their vocabulary, without totally understanding its true meaning; therefore they were using it to express themselves freely and vocally like there’s no tomorrow on everything possible: “I hate this color!”, “I hate celery!”, “I hate this cartoon!” “I hate this” “I hate that” and so on.

I must admit I also use the word occasionally then. But the choice is really too strong and can be misinterpreted when hurled so freely without care for the feelings of others; so over time, we learnt to correct ourselves and use an alternative that is less strong yet gets the message across.

But lately, I find myself thinking and on the verge of uttering this word when it comes to playing my Farm Heroes Saga. Not giving any consideration whatsoever to the feelings of the annoying rabbit, murderous thoughts cross my mind often, short of throwing my iPad on the floor! Oh my God, I tell you… that aggravating rabbit in Level 123! Ugh. What can I say?

I *blip* the darn rabbit.


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