It’s So Weird

7 Mar

What do you know? Right after I swore off Candy Crush, declaring to just give up, stop playing, call it quits, the app updated to the Sour Salon chapter on the iPad, to be the same as Facebook on the laptop. Eeesh.

Here’s the weird thing: on the iPad, I see my avatar still stuck at Level 500 yet I am able to play beyond Level 500 because technically I have reached 519 in Facebook on the laptop. Although I have all the stars in the Ice Cream Caves chapter after Meringue Moor, the chapter graphic just does not show on the iPad, it’s a blur. So weird.

And being at Level 519 in Sour Salon on the iPad, I can actually continue what I was doing on the laptop prior to the update, and that is to play on instead of just going with my earlier resolution a day before, which is to just give up. It’s so weird. And without frustration, I have actually progressed onto Level 530, the end of Sour Salon!!! I don’t know how to explain but the pictures say it all…


Sitting at Level 500 on the iPad.


Ice Cream Caves looking a blur on the iPad.


Ice Cream Caves crystal clear in Facebook on the laptop!


I have reached Level 530 in Sour Salon on the iPad.


But wait! Look where I am in FB on the laptop? Level 519!!!

What’s even more weird is that in Facebook on the laptop, I am still at 519!


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