My New Gym Shoes

14 Mar

For years, hubby and I have a personal trainer (in short, a PT whom I sometimes dubbed personal torturer) and we have gym session once a week. This year, both girls decided to join us for this routine as they find it somewhat refreshing to also train despite a tiring day at school.

Week after week, we would diligently do exercise routines that focus on the core and stamina, nothing extreme but enough to break out a sweat and helpful especially for our golf.

Now, my gym shoes are old and ugly; despite its state of ugliness, I love my Reebok. It is comfortable and serves me well. However, with time and much use, it is falling apart and needs to be replaced yet I never got around to it.

But it has come to a point where it really needs to be replaced because it is quite an embarrassment to be wearing a pair of shoes that leaves little bits of trail around the gym everytime I move about. Yes, that’s how bad it has become, literally falling apart with each movement.


Aren’t my shoes cute?

So recently, I bought a new pair of Reebok much to the envy of hubby, M1 and M2. So envious they were, it was also the perfect excuse for them not to exercise because they don’t have new gym shoes like me. And only me, with the new Reebok has the ability to train well in comparison to them.

“Nope! Can’t do that. No new shoes…”

“Sorry, no grip. Can’t do it!”

It was silly but we had fun. Will they be getting new gym shoes? We shall see.


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