Why Not Go Shopping?

23 Mar

Since we woke up early and got done with breakfast, we might as well explore a little bit before leaving for the airport. The group also woke up early and after breakfast, we decided to take the Red Car to Chinatown.

It was fun to walk through the stalls. Weaving in and out, there were all kinds of things on display to tease our sight and it’s just our bargaining skills to make a worthy purchase if something caught our eye. The one image that caught both hubby and I was the lady who was selling duck. Put it this way, one has to look good when selling duck!

We bought several knick-knacks for the girls as always. As I got myself a knitted elephant already to add to my elephant collection, I am quite contented to just browse and admire the colors and culture. After two hours or so, we managed to meet up for brunch. Seated at the side of the street, we had fried carrot cake and fresh coconut water. Yum…

Done with the quick eat, we caught another Red Car back to the hotel and yes, it’s time to go home. A quick shower and an organized final packing, we’re going home.




Bull frogs!





A bit of eye shadow first before making a sale!



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