My Roo Was Embarrassed!

27 Mar

It was a balmy night and everyone was out in the garden after dinner, even the Roo, official pet number one. He was given a juicy bone and gnawing to his heart’s content, his drool messed up all over the terrace floor. Yuk, slimy!

Then playtime started. His favorite orange chew cow was brought out to tease him into action. Feeling revved, he leaped to snatch it from me and as he trotted towards the terrace, he slipped on his own drool pool!

It was hilarious but the girls missed it. Hubby and I guffawed and thought he would be a clown about the slip.

But he was embarrassed!!! He sobered, limped a little and did not look at us! He literally looked away. Aww… My baby was embarrassed that he slipped and we laughed at him. Hubby had to coax him and gave him a good scratch and some loving. It was so amusing. I hope we hurt didn’t his feelings…


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