Happy April Fool’s Day!

1 Apr

It was after dinner and M2 innocently asked if she could borrow my iPad Mini. I obliged since I had things to do and the iPad was just sitting there.

Later, after their snail catching episode, which I thought was worthy to write about (and I did), I reached for my iPad to start my documenting, the iPad acted up!

Every other word I typed in came out as ‘nugget’!

Imagine “It’s been raining again lately and this has caused a lot of nugget…”

Initially I thought it must be the new update of the app that was causing this, so I brushed it aside. But as I typed more… “Hubby has declared nugget on them and…” Eeesh.

When I mentioned this, the giggles came out and the beans were spilled! I’ve been had. Nugget-ed to be precise.

Earlier when M2 borrowed the iPad, she rigged the keyboard shortcuts to have every other word come out as ‘nugget’. Rascal. It was her pre-April Fool’s prank on me.

She was lucky I was in a good mood. The punishment: her iPod taken away for the night and if she has trouble waking up the next morning without her alarm (on the iPod), it’s her problem! Hubby thought I was harsh to take her precious iPod away and suggested I should just smack her for the prank but I felt it was unnecessary. The glass of wine must have mellowed me. In the end, a pre-April Fool’s hug to make amends and all nuggets forgiven.

Happy April Fool’s Day folks!


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