Beyond January and April

7 Apr


When I was young, I had only 4 important dates to remember: my birthday, mom’s, dad’s and my only elder sibling. Mom, Dad and me are April babies while my only sibling, January. It used to be then one celebration in January for him and a combined one for the three of us.

Fast forward to the present. Both my sibling and I are married and separately, each with a family of our own. I now have the hubby, M1 and M2’s birthdays, spread across the calendar. And him, with his wife and children, the calendar is filled with even more dates to remember. In the family, April by far has the most number of family members having their birthdays. And combined birthday celebrations are done occasionally (especially when the children were younger) but the bigger picture being several birthday dinners and cakes in the year beyond January and April.

This year, we decided to do the combined celebration for the April babies again although Dad is no longer with us. One half of the twins is back from college and the April month is back to its three person requirement.

So happy birthday mom, my niece and me!


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