Top 20! Top 15?! Top 10??

15 Apr

Last week was Report Card time and M2 was nervous. Several nights before we were due to school to see the teacher, we had a little chat.

“Top 20?” I asked.

“Maybe…” came the nervous reply.

“What about Top 15? Can?” I queried next.

“I dunno… Top 27?” she countered.

“Huh?! Top 27?! How can? Isn’t that the number of students in your class?” I asked gently.

“Yes.” Another nervous respond.

“I think you can do better than that.” And we left it at that.

One day before Report Card day, upon reaching home from school, M2 called me while I was still in the office.

“Mummy, guess what? I know where I stand in class!” she said excitedly.

“Top 20?” I asked.


“Top 15?”


Wow, I am impressed, so I posted another, “Top 10?”

“Almost but not quite…”

“Lemme guess. Eleven?”

“How did you know? Yes, I am number 11 in class!” announced my proud M2.

I am proud of her too. Well done!

M1 has yet to report on her status at this point in time.


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