One and Two Ones

17 Apr

M1 has never ceased to amaze me as far as school is concerned. I just don’t know where she inherits her brains. As expected, my firstborn achieved pole position in her class! But as I have said before, my two girls are both different in their own way, therefore hubby and I cannot be comparing their ability. So, while M1 may have achieved number one and being a tough act to follow, M2 achieving the double digit of 11, I termed M2’s achievement as two ones to boost her morale in comparison to her sibling.

In a twisted way, two ones can be looked at as better than a single one! We had a little dinner celebration to commemorate both their achievements and also to spur M2 especially to do better, for M1 cannot do any better than what she has already done.

Keep it up, girls!


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