Will Grandma Disown Us?

24 Apr

It was during the family’s triple birthday celebration dinner at a Thai restaurant in early April when Grandma, my mom, commented to my girls about a patron with blue hair.

“Look at that!” she hissed forcefully to get my girls’ attention. Both girls looked.

“How frightening. Almost ghoulish!” Mom shook her head and dramatically shivered to emphasize her point.

It was pretty obvious mom did not think too highly of a blue-headed fashion statement. Later that night, my girls were sharing this with me and we all agreed Grandma was just very opinionated about certain things in life, hair color being one of them. Two weeks passed by and for us, it was quickly forgotten until last week.

I was due for my haircut. Every 6 or 7 weeks, I’d go for a haircut with alternate visits highlighting my hair. So the night before my appointment, I was just mentioning to the girls.

“I’m off to cut my hair tomorrow! And what color should I highlight my hair this time?” I asked.

“Blue!” suggested M1 playfully.

“Orange!” was M2’s choice.

“Blue! Are you sure? Grandma would disown me! But I don’t think I should go orange either,” I chuckled as we all remembered the triple birthday celebration incident.

M1 asked, “If Grandma disowned you, does this mean she disowns us too?”

Gosh. That’s deep and profound.

“Let’s not have it come to this. Let’s stick to the usual safe brown, ok?” I reassured her in the end.

So no funny colors, just the usual cut and rich mahogany highlights.


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