Batam: Day 1

30 Apr

Life is meant to be enjoyed. With friends, golf and drinks. We bought 4 bottles of whiskey for this trip. Day 1 started with an hour turned back upon arrival and a quick lunch at Tering Bay Golf & Country Club before teeing off at 12.30pm.

It was an interesting situation, with all six of us in one flight! And all teed off from the white tee box, men and women alike. It was fun. Tering can be considered easy but I fluffed a lot of shots too. Well… There’s good days and there’s better days.

The skies were threatening initially but eventually mellowed to allow us to enjoy ourselves. After the game, a quick shower and we went off for dinner.

The Chivas was the first to be consumed with the choice of Sundanese food for dinner. I’ve never had my whiskey with a straw in a milkshake glass before, so there’s always a first!

How quickly the day went by. By 9.30pm, tiredness has kicked in or maybe it’s the whiskey…

Harris Batam Center is very new and modern. I look forward to a hot shower and a good night’s rest before waking up early tomorrow for our next game at Palm Springs Country Club.










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