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Will They Like Us?

10 Jun

Not our typical timing to have a party in the middle of a work week but hubby and I hosted a potluck party at home last week. It was a continuation of the good company over golf and lunch that I extended the impromptu invite to my friends to our home. The catch to the occasion was simply to have everyone prepare a home-cooked dish to share.

The build-up to the occasion was very exciting especially with our WhatsApp group chat. Everyone showed their food preparation process and kitchen prowess.

Pretty soon the guest list grew, with the addition of hubbies and children from an initial ladies only affair. I worried the house would explode with so many bodies at once but thank goodness, it held. There were little groups here and there – the children in the living room, the men at the garden terrace while the ladies hogged the main dining table.

My girls were worried with children coming, they’d have to play host. “What if they don’t like us?” “What should we talk about?” “What should we do?!” So many concerns. Later on, I would find out that even our young guests had the exact same thoughts as my girls!

Well, the food spread closed all gaps as there was boisterous merry-making, laughter and more laughter, children and adults alike. Any thoughts of “will they like us?” vanished as it was a great potluck party for everyone!