Why Am I Still At It?

27 Jun
I can't send SOS for tickets

I can’t send SOS for tickets!

Level 578 in Candy Crush has been very trying and bordered on being a dreaded task to go through. So why am I still at it? I don’t know, I ask myself that too, constantly. Sometimes my obsession with this game is just… just so obsessive.

Despite the constant frustration, I persisted to battle the ridiculous (for lack of a better word) level of 578. Then amazingly, when I least expected it, I conquered the level. Yay! On a roll, I completed the Wafer Windmill yesterday. I am now just waiting for the new chapter to open up in Facebook, which I don’t understand why I cannot send out help to ask for tickets, when the next chapter is clearly visible on the map. Something is not right. Hmm… I guess I have to be patient.

The recent update makes no difference to me as it opened up only more levels for Dreamworld which I have stopped playing. And all this time, while attempting Level 578 and beyond, I was limited to using the laptop at home because the iPad is still showing me at Gummy Gardens, the previous chapter. So it’s an achievement of sorts given the restricted playing time that I have.


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