A Promise is a Promise

30 Jun

Exam results are back! As expected, M1 topped her class again. So she’s getting her reward – an Ed Sheeran limited edition album which we had to buy online from his website. A promise is a promise, so how can I break it? She did her part and I have to as well. But I nearly fainted upon learning that the shipping charges cost as much as the album! Well, a promise made has to be a promise fulfilled. The album will be on its way soon after the release.

As for M2, well… This is where I feel caught in a predicament. The 80 percent average was not achieved but it’s a top ten position in class. What do I do? Does she get the phone as originally negotiated? A top ten is pretty good for her ability, an improvement from the last exam but this was not the deal as agreed.

Nonetheless, she wasn’t too upset at not getting the phone but very happy with the top ten and promised to do better in the next exam. That’s the way to go, gal! Let’s hope her promise made will be a promise fulfilled too.

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