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Exploring Kuching

4 Jul

It is my first time here in Kuching and boy, it feels so much more humid! Perhaps this is because back home, I am always in my car, zipping from here to there instead of walking.

Dinner was walking distance from the hotel but felt like quite a distance. Must be the humidity…

We went to the famed food court for seafood. Apparently TripAdvisor recommends this place. As there’s so many of us, we took 3 tables and decided every table would eat differently. My table had these choices.

After dinner, we walked it off at the waterfront before calling it an early night as tomorrow it will be an early start.








And Off We Go

4 Jul

The adventure started at the golf club with 14 of us meeting there to take the van while the other 14 made their own arrangements to meet us at the airport. Promptly, the golf bags were loaded and off we went. Traffic was rather heavy but we got there on time.

The gargantuan airport was, well, gargantuan. Indeed, retail shops greeted us first before we found the check in counters. By then the rest appeared. Luckily, there wasn’t much of a crowd for our flight and although time-consuming, things were in order for the check in.

Then everyone decided to track to the Premier Lounge for lunch. Now here, service was a wee bit short-handed as the two personnel had to suddenly deal with 28 guests at once. After a lengthy process, some finally got in while some decided to go elsewhere.

To cut a long story short, departure was on time. The airport was big but I was too busy to ensure I was going in the right direction than to notice all the retail shops. I guess I wasn’t dazzled as I thought I would be. Oh well.


Here I Go Again!

4 Jul

I don’t know why the Whitesnake song, “Here I Go Again” popped into my head as I get ready to go on yet another golf excursion. I suppose the ‘Here I Go Again’ is apt considering this is my third golfing trip this year. Hardly a drifter like the song implied, this time, I am traveling in a big group. 28 people to be precise, myself included, unlike my previous trips with a much smaller group.

The people are not strangers but friends and all members of our golf club and we are off to Kuching, Sarawak. It is rather exciting for me for several reasons.

Firstly, the group. Mostly golf buddies but going for a trip together for the first time. It will be interesting. The second being, to Kuching. I’ve never been to that side of the country before and it will definitely be an eye-opener for me on top of an enriching experience, I hope.

And thirdly, heading out via KLIA2 (instead of KLIA or LCCT), the spanking new gargantuan airport. I hear it’s akin to an airport in a shopping mall with offerings that will dazzle the daylights out of anyone and everyone.

All in all, I am looking forward to the getaway, bonding with my 27 fellow golfers and 3 rounds of golf.