Here I Go Again!

4 Jul

I don’t know why the Whitesnake song, “Here I Go Again” popped into my head as I get ready to go on yet another golf excursion. I suppose the ‘Here I Go Again’ is apt considering this is my third golfing trip this year. Hardly a drifter like the song implied, this time, I am traveling in a big group. 28 people to be precise, myself included, unlike my previous trips with a much smaller group.

The people are not strangers but friends and all members of our golf club and we are off to Kuching, Sarawak. It is rather exciting for me for several reasons.

Firstly, the group. Mostly golf buddies but going for a trip together for the first time. It will be interesting. The second being, to Kuching. I’ve never been to that side of the country before and it will definitely be an eye-opener for me on top of an enriching experience, I hope.

And thirdly, heading out via KLIA2 (instead of KLIA or LCCT), the spanking new gargantuan airport. I hear it’s akin to an airport in a shopping mall with offerings that will dazzle the daylights out of anyone and everyone.

All in all, I am looking forward to the getaway, bonding with my 27 fellow golfers and 3 rounds of golf.


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