It Was Worth It

5 Jul

The bus was late. Eeesh. Golfers are the most prompt people when it comes to being on time. We were to play a friendly interclub game with the ladies from Kelab Golf Sarawak. Thankfully, the ride was not too long and in a blink of an eye, KGS appeared.

A little disorganized, we unloaded and got to the changing room. Then before we could even catch our breath and say ‘Hello’ or have a group photo with the host team, we were rushed to the tee box for a two point start at 6.54am.

I must say eventually, the company was great, the golf course excellent and the weather beautiful. One cannot asked for more.

The best part, I played one of my best game ever, coming in as the best nett player and the best player from our side.

I can conclude then that waking up at 4.45am was worth it! Would I do it again? Well, let’s have this never before achievement remain as a highlight and stay as a high for the time being. We have another game tomorrow albeit no more an interclub challenge and tomorrow is another day, another game.




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