I Have Grown, Sideways. Ugh.

31 Jul

The long four day weekend is finally over and I am back to work. I have mixed feelings about it for I feel that I have grown, sideways. Ugh.

I have a scale in my bathroom and whenever I contemplate to stand on it, I am certain it smirks at me. At the same time, a little voice would whisper into my ear,“The scale never lies.” Ooh… That aggravates. The darn thing has an obvious crack line right over the scale dial and it has become a constant reminder that it has cracked under pressure, literally. If memory serves me well, I believe it was hubby who was the culprit. Nonetheless, I now refrain from standing on it as I cringe and face the sad fact that I need to do something about this ‘growth’.

Maybe I should play more golf to burn all those calories. But then again, lately, I have been drinking a lot of beer. And (no) thanks to the past four days of an unleashed gastronomic adventure, coupled with no gym sessions for the last two weeks, should I be surprised at the outcome? I hope my trainer would not be appalled to see me when we resume next week!

Sigh… While it has been good bonding with the family doing things together and all that eating, the setback from this is I have grown, sideways. Ugh.


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