12 Aug

The endearing initials, BFF – best friends forever, is timeless and every girl knows what it means. I believe it is understood and used by all the females in the world, myself and my girls included. But I am not sure if guys use this endearing term though. Anyway, my BFF is mostly my Secondary/High school friends; some even goes back to our Primary school days, that is, way, way back to 7 years’ old when we first became friends. This makes our relationship far longer than that of mine with my hubby! After all these years, we are still a close-knit group and there’s a lot of years that has gone by, let me tell you!

We have grown from being naughty, smart and fortunate giggly girls to successful, happy and giggly adults. From the day we left high school to pursue all kinds of career and direction, we’ve somehow kept each other in our minds. A big thanks especially in the 90s when technology and the internet boomed, we hooked up. Then Facebook came along and of course, the smart phone, along with a whole bunch of social apps, we have become closer and more connected than ever.

Two weeks ago, four of us met up. And it felt like we’ve never parted. BFF indeed. The laughter, giggles and giddiness had all the waiters and waitresses raising their eyebrows at us whenever they walked into the private room to top up our green tea. Despite our differences in worldly experience and all being mothers, the conversation always goes back to the good ol’ school days, cracking us up with new bouts of howls over the nostalgia.

I thoroughly cherish these occasions, so my dear BFF, let’s meet up more often!


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