Desperado, Part 2

14 Aug

Farm Heroes has been very unstable on my iPad Mini, it’s exasperating. Two nights ago, I decided to download the app on my old iPhone4 so that I have an extra device to play. The phone has yet to be claimed, that’s why it’s been at my bedside collecting dust. But technically, it’s not an extra device but a replacement for the iPad Mini.

Desperado? Yes. Somehow on the phone (both iPhone5S and iPhone4), the app is stable but on the iPad, it’s not; keeps quitting upon launch and wasting lives. When one is desperate for lives, desperate measures is the only way to deal with it.

I’ve also decided to take a break from Candy Crush because of the horrid home wifi connection that makes it difficult to launch the game on the laptop. It is really a test of patience and tolerance. And unfortunately, I cannot play this in the office because my office computer does not support the game and the iPad version has yet to be updated.

Maybe the break from candies is good but so long as I have Farm Heroes, I will be fine. For now.


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