Reading is Good

21 Aug

Zookeeper3I have forgotten how wonderful it is to read when my being glued to my games on the iPad consumes much of my free time. The author, Jennifer Probst, is enjoyable and creates vivid imagination with her style of story-telling! In two days, I have finished one book already and onto the second read.

Being stuck at Level 440 in Farm Heroes and Candy Crush turned out to be a blessing in disguise. For two days, I totally left my games, partly to enjoy the book I am reading and also to focus my energy on the book project that I am working on. When I went back to tackle Farm Heroes, taking a short break from reading, it was with renewed determination and I did it! Now, I face my nemesis, Rancid, at Level 441.

And the last two days, Candy Crush released its new chapter Fizzy Falls on Facebook. But this time, it required tickets for me progressed on from Glazed Grove to it; so I had to patiently wait for my fellow candy crushers to help me. And help they did. Thanks!

I guess reading has been good for I accomplished a lot. Even at work, the book project has progressed on smoothly. And… and… in Zookeeper Battle, I broke into the top ten thousand world ranking!!! Best ever position: 7938. A big yay to all these.


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