Going Away is Good

3 Sep

We got home late as expected because of traffic. The three-day weekend ended and holiday-makers, like us, made their way back to the city. Tired and happy that this golf outing was another success, we departed and said our goodbyes in high spirits.

But before the exchange of goodbyes and hugs, there was already talk of planning another trip! I was hesitant and felt that I had to ask my girls first before committing. How times have changed; a parent asking for permission from the child instead of the other way round!

The girls were happy to see us but did not jump for joy as we did not return bearing gifts. They have come to understand that our golf trips sometimes does not result in them receiving a souvenir from the place we were at. In fact, they actually enjoyed our absence. A 3D/2N trip is indeed short and does not make the heart grow fonder.

Some studying was done, school projects were worked on and a friend came over. M1 told me it was good we were away because she got quite a fair bit of school-related issues completed versus if we were to be around and nagged at them.

This is good I guess because this means the thought of no more golfing trips will no longer be an issue. Yay.


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